District of North Vancouver Heritage Register

Explanation of terms used in the description of each building:

Primary: Considered to be of prime importance.

Secondary: Considered to be of secondary importance.

Supplemental: Considered to be of importance, but not ranked as highly due to lesser significance in certain evaluation categories, or due to alterations.

Designated: Any changes made to Municipally Designated Heritage Sites require the consent of Municipal Council.

Circa (c.): Approximately, used to indicate that the date is not exactly known.


732 East 8th St. BULL HOUSE, 1924, Quebec farmhouse, Secondary

780 East 8th St. FRANKLIN HOUSE, 1912, Craftsman, Secondary

732 East 9th St. GARLING HOUSE, 1911, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

740 East 9th St. TAPPAN HOUSE, c.1911, Craftsman, Primary

771 East 9th St. CHRISTIE HOUSE, c.1911, Foursquare, Secondary

850 East 10th St. Supplemental

763 East 13th St. FARQUHARSON HOUSE, c.1910, Foursquare, Secondary

798 East 13th St. c.1910, Foursquare, Secondary

1290 Shavington St. KEITH-LYNN SCHOOL, 1914, additions 1919 & 1925, Secondary


1727 Bowser Ave. GRANT HOUSE, 1924, Craftsman, Secondary

3650 Capilano Rd. MacEACHERAN HOUSE, 1934, Rustic Log, Secondary

3735 Capilano Rd. THE TEAHOUSE, 1911, Rustic Log, Primary

3910 Capilano Rd. Supplemental

1560 MacGowan Ave. WILKINS HOUSE, 1917, Foursquare, Secondary

1324 Sunnyside Dr. Supplemental

1020 West 22nd St. Supplemental

1029 West 23rd St. POLONIS HOUSE, 1914, Foursquare/Edwardian, Secondary

1182 West 23rd St. Supplemental


3092 Allan Rd. MACHIN HOUSE, c.1918, Foursquare, Secondary

3665 Campbell Ave. SAWMILL BUNKHOUSE, c.1900-1908 Cottage, Primary

3339 Church St. Supplemental

3490 Church St. Supplemental

3491 Church St. HUSTWAIT HOUSE, 1913, Craftsman Bungalow, Primary

1401 Dempsey Rd. HOMEACRE, 1913, Craftsman, (1916 additions) Primary

1405 Doran Rd. Supplemental

1570 Dovercourt Rd. BRYAN HOUSE, 1922, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

2310 Duchess Ave. BONE HOUSE, 1926, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

1491 East 29th St. ALLAN HOUSE, c.1905, Foursquare, Primary

1299 Frederick Rd. Supplemental

1506 Frederick Rd. HILL HOUSE, c.1911, Foursquare, Primary

1550 Frederick Rd. Supplemental

2925 Fromme Rd. BURROWS HOUSE, c.1912, Foursquare/Craftsman, Secondary

3075 Fromme Rd. GILLETTE HOUSE, 1922-1923, Craftsman, Secondary

3096 Fromme Rd. DAVIDSON HOUSE, c.1907, Craftsman, Primary

3321 Fromme Rd. HAMILTON HOUSE, 1911-1912, Craftsman, Primary

3761 Fromme Rd. Supplemental

1120 Harold Rd. CROSS HOUSE, c.1908, Foursquare, Primary

3676 Henderson Ave. Supplemental

3400 Institute Rd. Supplemental

1131 Kilmer Rd. SCOTTI RESIDENCE, 1927, Foursquare, Secondary

1553 Kilmer Rd. Supplemental

1621 Langworthy St. Supplemental

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, B.C MILLS TIMBER & TRADING COMPANY PREFABRICATED HOUSE, 1908, (relocated from 147 East 1st St. in 1993) Primary

940 Lynn Valley Rd. A.J. NYE HOUSE, 1913, Craftsman, Primary

1564 Lynn Valley Rd. McLURE HOUSE, c.1910, Cottage, Secondary

1606 Lynn Valley Rd. DOVERCOURT HOTEL, 1909-1912, Secondary

3668 Maginnis Ave. MAGINNIS HOUSE, c.1930, Craftsman, Secondary

3066-96 Mountain Hwy. FROMME BLOCK, 1912, Retail Block, Primary

3250A Mountain Hwy. MOUNTAIN VALLEY SCHOOL, 1908, Primary

3250B Mountain Hwy. Supplemental

3250C Mountain Hwy. LYNN VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 1920, Primary

3355 Mountain Hwy. FORMER METHODIST CHURCH, 1912, Secondary

3391 Mountain Hwy. McINTYRE HOUSE, c.1911, Foursquare/ Craftsman, Secondary

3615 Mountain Hwy. Supplemental

3693 Mountain Hwy. c. 1910 (or earlier), Secondary

1202 Ross Rd. CARD HOUSE, 1913, Craftsman Bungalow, Primary

1380 Ross Rd. WORKERS COTTAGE, 1910, Secondary

1396 Ross Rd. MUNRO HOUSE, c. 1910, Foursquare, Primary

1466 Ross Rd. FROMME HOUSE, 1900, Primary

1509 Ross Rd. ROSSEAU HOUSE, 1911, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

1005 Shakespeare Ave. BREADSALL, 1926, Craftsman-inspired cottage, Secondary

1029 Shakespeare Ave. Supplemental

3021 Sunnyhurst Rd. CROSS HOUSE, 1913, Foursquare cottage, Secondary


116 Carisbrooke Rd. East. EATON HOUSE, c.1911, Foursquare, Primary

172 Carisbrooke Rd. East. BLACKADDER HOUSE, c.1911, Craftsman

177 Carisbrooke Rd. East. LOUTET HOUSE, 1911, English Arts & Crafts, Primary

190 Carisbrooke Rd. East. AMES HOUSE, 1925, Tudor Revival, Secondary

3371 Chesterfield Ave. CHESTERFIELD HOUSE, 1913, Primary

3545 Dowsley Crt. T.S. NYE HOUSE, 1912, Tudor Revival, Designated

3031 Duchess Ave. LOGAN HOUSE, 1914, Foursquare Cottage, Secondary

123 Kensington Rd. East. LAMBERT HOUSE, 1921, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

131 Kings Rd. East. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 1915, Craftsman, Secondary

145 Kings Rd. East. EVA HOUSE, c.1908, Queen Anne, Secondary

299 Kings Rd. East. DAVIDSON HOUSE, 1914, Craftsman, Primary

360 Kings Rd. East. HUMPHREYS HOUSE, c.1911, Craftsman, Secondary

361 Kings Rd. East. LESLIE HOUSE, 1921, Craftsman, Secondary

390 Kings Rd. East. WARD HOUSE, c.1919, Tudor Revival, Designated

416 Kings Rd. East. NICHOLSON HOUSE, 1925, English Arts & Crafts, Secondary

461 Kings Rd. East. STONEHAVEN, 1932, Craftsman, Primary

122 Kings Rd. West. DICKINSON HOUSE, 1913, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

187 Kings Rd. West. Supplemental

193 Kings Rd. West. Supplemental

194 Kings Rd. West. DENCH HOUSE, 1919, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

380 Kings Rd. West. OLD NORTH STAR SCHOOL, 1910, Foursquare, Secondary

432 Kings Rd. West. Supplemental

439 Kings Rd. West. PLOWMAN HOUSE, 1912, Craftsman, Secondary

3311 Lonsdale Ave. NYE OFFICE, c.1909, Remodeled beyond recognition, Secondary

3650 Norwood Ave. Supplemental

173 Osborne Rd. East. STEELS HOUSE, 1921, Tudor Revival, Secondary

310 Osborne Rd. East. DUNNELL HOUSE, 1926, Craftsman, Secondary

133 Osborne Rd. West. Supplemental

165 Osborne Rd. West. GREEN ARMYTAGE HOUSE, 1920, Craftsman, Secondary

244 Osborne Rd. West. Supplemental

4121 Prospect Rd. O’BOYLE HOUSE, 1936, Log structure, Designated

4220 Prospect Rd. GODFREY HOUSE, 1929-1930, Primary

192 Queens Rd. East. Supplemental

606 Queens Rd. East. Supplemental

124 Queens Rd. West. Supplemental

134 Queens Rd. West. RONALD HOUSE, 1913, Craftsman, Secondary

144 Queens Rd. West. BENT HOUSE, 1912, Foursquare/ Craftsman, Secondary

156 Queens Rd. West. RODGERS HOUSE, 1923, Foursquare/Craftsman, Secondary

174 Queens Rd. West. WILLCOX HOUSE, 1923, Craftsman Cottage, Secondary

229 Queens Rd. West. WALKER HOUSE, 1909, Edwardian Cottage, Secondary

267 Queens Rd. West. CHRISTIE HOUSE, 1911, Craftsman/ Queen Anne, Designated

404 Queens Rd. West. TURNER HOUSE, 1914, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

3620 St. Andrews Ave. BOE HOUSE, c.1912, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

2950 St. Georges Ave. HAMPTON HOUSE, 1920, Craftsman/Tudor Revival, Secondary

3039 St. Georges Ave. MAIR HOUSE, 1912, Foursquare, Secondary

3040 St. Georges Ave. Supplemental

3086 St. Georges Ave. Supplemental

3190 St. Georges Ave. CORNISH HOUSE, 1911, Tudor Revival, Primary

3444 St. Georges Ave. GREER HOUSE, 1912, Craftsman Bungalow, Secondary

310 St. James Rd. East. PRAIRIE HOUSE, c.1915-1920, Prairie Style, Secondary

382 St. James Rd. East. BROWN HOUSE, 1914, Colonial Revival, Secondary

414 St. James Rd. East. WAKLEY HOUSE, 1914, English Arts & Crafts, Primary

124 St. James Rd. West. FORD HOUSE, 1914, Craftsman Bungalow/Tudor Revival, Secondary

154 St. James Rd. West. G.G. NYE HOUSE, 1912, Foursquare Cottage, Primary

284 St. James Rd. West. Supplemental

404 St. James Rd. West. RAE HOUSE, c.1909, Foursquare, Secondary

3802 St. Pauls Ave. STACKHOUSE HOUSE, 1922, Craftsman Cottage, Secondary

388 Wellington Dr. MONTEITH HOUSE, 1914, Prairie Style/Craftsman, Secondary

138 Windsor Rd. East. BENT HOUSE, 1911, Foursquare, Secondary

145 Windsor Rd. East. FRANCE HOUSE, 1913, Foursquare/Tudor Revival/Craftsman, Designated

146 Windsor Rd. East. BROWN HOUSE, 1913, Craftsman, Secondary

154 Windsor Rd. East. Supplemental

180 Windsor Rd. East. STEVENS HOUSE, 1913, Shingle-clad Bungalow, Secondary

195 Windsor Rd. East. SAINT MARTIN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, 1922, Craftsman/Gothic Revival, Primary

220 Windsor Rd. East. DALTON HOUSE, 1928, Colonial Revival/ Tudor, Secondary

281 Windsor Rd. East. Supplemental

360 Windsor Rd. East. THOMSON HOUSE, 1913, Arts & Crafts Cottage, Secondary

361 Windsor Rd. East. BROWN HOUSE, 1913, Arts & Crafts/ Tudor Revival, Primary

389 Windsor Rd. East. STABLER HOUSE, 1911, Craftsman, Secondary

461 Windsor Rd. East. STANMORE, 1927, Arts & Crafts/ Tudor Revival, Primary

494 Windsor Rd. East. MacKENZIE HOUSE, 1913, Craftsman Bungalow, Primary

606 Windsor Rd. East. KERR HOUSE, 1912-1913, Foursquare, Secondary

114 Windsor Rd. West. GREEN GABLES, 1915, Colonial Revival, Primary

125 Windsor Rd. West. McCANNEL HOUSE, c.1909, Foursquare, Secondary

219 Windsor Rd. West. Supplemental

234 Windsor Rd. West. BURGESS HOUSE, 1912, Foursquare/ Craftsman, Primary

245 Windsor Rd. West. Supplemental

255 Windsor Rd. West. SWANSON HOUSE, c.1910, Foursquare Cottage, Primary

413 Windsor Rd. West. GALOZO HOUSE, c.1913, Foursquare, Secondary

451 Windsor Rd. West. Supplemental


518 Beachview Dr. DOLLAR MILL OFFICE, c. 1916-1920, Craftsman, Secondary

4342-44 Gallant Ave. SUBURBAN FARMS, c. 1930’s ‘Boomtown’, Primary

1207 Harris Ave. GILLIS HOMESTEAD, 1926, Log structure, Primary

2211 Panorama Dr. PANORAMA MARKET, c. 1920, Log structure, Primary

571 Roslyn Blvd. DOLLAR MILL HOUSE, c. 1920-1924, shingled cottage, Primary

Fire Lane No. 84, Sunshine, KENT’S, c. 1908-1912, cottage, Secondary

Fire Lane No. 88, Sunshine, DUNROMIN, c. 1908-1912, Colonial Bungalow, Secondary