MAY 2012

The Sea to Sky Regional Heritage Fair

For over a decade, the North Vancouver Museum and Archives has promoted the Sea to Sky Regional Fair which showcases Grade 4-10 students’ creative understandings of Canada’s heritage in a festive atmosphere.

On Friday, May 11, students who have been selected to represent their school at the Fair will be enrolled in a series of thought provoking, historical workshops.

Taught by a team of cultural educators, these workshops will increase students’ awareness of Canada’s heritage, familiarize students with local research resources and stimulate creativity through a variety of activities.

The Fair will be held at the Lynn Valley Library & Village and will be open to the public from 6 pm – 8 pm where students’ projects will be presented against a backdrop of entertainment and heritage-related displays. The hope is that this year’s educationally enhanced fair will bolster local students’ desire to share their enthusiasm for history with their community and that the community will continue to nurture young people’s interests in Canada’s past.

Grant and Kyla are excited to be a part of this year’s Heritage Fair. Grant will be volunteering as a judge evaluating students’ projects and Kyla will be chaperoning a group of students as they participate in the workshops throughout the day.

We hope to see you at the Fair on May the 11th!

Heritage Spotlight

Foster Residence
Foster Residence
Designated Municipal Heritage Site
276 Keith Rd East. 1912.
Register Ranking: A.
Edwardian style.

This stately Edwardian residence was constructed during the height of the boom years, and is a superior example of Edwardian-era residential architecture.

Built at a cost of $2,500, the home is notable for its fine front verandah and elegant proportions.

Familiar, comfortable suburban housing such as this appealed to a broad spectrum of the middle-class who were populating North Vancouver at the time of its first development.

In 2007, the property was rezoned to allow the heritage house to be converted into a duplex and an infill unit was built off the lane. The project received a 2007 City Heritage Award.


North Vancouver Market Update


In March, there were a total of 121 houses sold compared to 134 sold in March 2011.

The benchmark price in March was $970,000 representing a 0.7% increase from February.

Overall house prices are up 10.3% from March 2011.


In March, there were a total of 91 apartments sold compared to 113 sold in March 2011.

The benchmark price in March was $347,000 representing a 0.1% decrease from February.

Overall apartment prices are up 0.7% from March 2011.


In March, there were a total of 5 heritage homes sold.

Three sales were in Upper Lonsdale, one in Queensbury and one in Central Lonsdale.

The average sale price of a heritage home in March was $1,104,800.

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