MARCH 2012

Eclectic Houses: Prairie Style

The Prairie style was developed by an unusually creative group of Chicago architects that have come to be known as the Prairie School. Frank Lloyd Wright’s early work is in this style and he is the acknowledged master of the Prairie house.

Landmark examples are concentrated in Chicago’s early 20th-century suburbs, particularly Oak Park. Vernacular examples were spread throughout the country by pattern books and popular magazines. Most Prairie style homes were built between 1905 and 1915; the style quickly faded from fashion after World War I.

Identifying features are a low pitched roof, usually hipped, with widely overhanging eaves and façade detailing emphasizing horizontal lines.

Source: McAlester, V & L. (1996). A Field Guide to American Houses. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

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Heritage Spotlight

Ottawa Gardens Show Home
Ottawa Gardens Show Home
268 W 6th Street. 1908.
Register Ranking: A.
Prairie style.

This home was built in 1908 by the North Vancouver Land & Improvement Company as part of the Ottawa Gardens development.

In 1945, the house was home to “Mother Goose Kindergarten” which filled the whole main floor, including the kitchen.

The home originally faced Mahon and had a large front yard which served as the children’s play area. In 1958, the home changed hands again but continued to host children’s schools for several more years.

Today it is back to being a private residence. “It’s a joyful house to live in,” says its current owner. “There’s a wonderful energy about it, perhaps due to 38 years of children’s energy bouncing off the walls.”


North Vancouver Market Update


In January and February, there were a total of 160 houses sold.

January had 57 sales and February had almost double at 103 sales.

The benchmark price in February was $961,200 representing a 1.1% increase from January.

Overall house prices are up 11.5% from February 2011.


In January and February, there were a total of 130 apartments sold. January had 48 sales and February had 82 sales.

The benchmark price in February was $346,800 representing a 1.7% increase from January.

Overall apartment prices are up 2.7% from February 2011.


In January and February, there were a total of 2 heritage homes sold. One sale was in Lower Lonsdale with the other in Upper Lonsdale.

The average price of a heritage home in January and February was $1,189,000.

For information on recent heritage sales, renovation ideas that will give you the best return or to inquire about the value of your home, please contact us.

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