MARCH 2015

Exploring Coach Houses

Level B Coach House  

Level B Coach House in CNV
2 storey, 1000 square feet.


A Coach house, also known as a lane way house, granny flat or carriage house, is a detached non-strata secondary suite usually located in the rear yard of a single family residential lot. Historically, coach houses have been present in our community since the early 1900’s when one was sometimes the first unit built on a lot to house the owners while the principal residence was constructed.

Coach houses are making a comeback and provide residents with more choices in how they live, support extended families, and offer a more livable rental suite option. The City of North Vancouver has allowed coach houses since 2010, and the District recently approved them in November 2014. The City has a 2 tier approach with Level A and Level B coach houses. Level A is a 1 storey building with a maximum floor area of 800 square feet. Level B is a 1.6 storey building with a maximum floor area of 1000 square feet. Lots must meet certain size requirements to qualify for a coach house. As of September 2014, 40 coach houses have been built in the City. The District also has lot size requirements, and the maximum floor area of a coach house is 968 square feet and 1.6 storeys high.

Industry representatives advise that the cost of construction including permits, building plans and landscaping vary between $250-$300/square foot depending on site specific constraints and level of finish. There are also additional costs for the various service connections such as water and sanitary. A 1000 square foot coach house could cost upwards of $300,000. Although coach houses are not considered “affordable housing” options, they are a great alternative for many homeowners looking for unique housing options.

Heritage Spotlight

Harbour Manor Harbour Manor
250-254 East 1st St. 1910.
Register Ranking: A

Built as North Vancouver’s first apartment block, this elegant, symmetrical Edwardian structure boasts four projecting, second storey bays with leaded glass windows.

The apartment block was built to accommodate the large number of workers required to support the local development boom and shipbuilding industry. It follows the typical model of retail stores at ground level, with residential apartments above. Today, a restaurant,

The Finch & Barley, occupies the ground floor, and the second floor has been converted into office space. The heritage value of the Harbour Manor is associated with its location in Lower Lonsdale- the commercial core of North Vancouver.

The streetcar, ferry to Vancouver and the PGE railway converged at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue which was the major transportation hub on the North Shore.

North Vancouver Market Update


In January and February, there were 192 houses sold.

The benchmark price in February was $1,047,800.

The February 2015 benchmark price is up 12.1% from February 2014.



In January and February, there were 151 apartments sold.

The benchmark price in February was $362,400.

The February 2015 benchmark price is up 4.6% from February 2014.


In January and February, there were 5 heritage homes sold. These homes were located in Lower Lonsdale, Upper Lonsdale, Pemberton Heights, Canyon Heights and the Boulevard.

Sale prices ranged from $998,000 to $2,150,000.

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